JULY 12, 2020 -David Bradley-Confessions of a BET Producer: Former BET & MTV Producer Exposes The Entertainment Industry Secrets. He talks about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry as authored in his book entitled BET, DBRAD & ME
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JUNE 29, 2020-Starfire Tor talks Time anomalies, time shifts, and coexisting timelines, also time shifts living dead phenomenon (people dead and living at the same time)
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JUNE 22, 2020 -The importance of giving ourselves our voice back and also manifesting our desired outcomes
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JUNE 15, 2020-Dr. Morris discusses the catastrophic effects of the lockdown on mental health in adults, juveniles, and families, along with the disruption in education for many children in thousands of families! Ultimately where will this all lead!
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JUNE 8, 2020-Dr. Cass Ingram discusses Are Pandemics Nothing But Hoaxes? The True Secrets of their Origins Revealed
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JUNE 1 , 2020-Deconstructs scientific and political conclusions about the virus used as a means to initiate an unnecessary lockdown and to override constitutional rights
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MAY , 2020-Dangerous science Co-author of Plague of Corruption restoring faith in the promise of science
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MAY 25, 2020- Wisdom Healing Qigong Reduces the Stress That Makes You Susceptible To COVID-19 and Other Viruses, Spurs Faster Recovery for Those Who Have Contracted It; Also Gives Health Care Professionals Greater Resistance Through Maximum Stress Reduction
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MAY 18, 2020- The News Gets Worse...Sleeplessness, Stress and Anxiety Weaken Your Immune System, Making You More Susceptible to the Virus But Chris Burres and Patrick Wanis Have Solutions for These Compromising Issues
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MAY 4, 2020-KPFK HAS DECIDED NOT TO ALLOW THIS INTERVIEW TO BE CONDUCTED ON KPFK, there will be a live interview however on Zoom 05/04/20 If you wish to join us please email -Plague of Corruption and the coronavirus, don't wear a mask? Part 2 followup interview
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