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Chris Shelton - The Leading Cause of Death and Disease is Negative Emotions

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 | PODCAST | 0:59:26

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Chris Shelton – The Healing Power of Qigong

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 - Chris Shelton has dedicated his life to boosting health, happiness and healing-transformations through ancient Chinese Qigong practices, perfect for people who want non-invasive, affordable and empowering...
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Global Wealth Gap and the potential influence of CryptoCurrencies – Part 2

FEBRUARY 1, 2021 - Adé Inniss is an entrepreneur, a curious mind, and cosmic soul. In 2018 he launched Inniss Global Opportunities, a boutique consultancy focused on deal management and...
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Chris Burres – The miracle molecule ESS60, Vitality and Sleep

FEBRUARY 8, 2021 - Chris Burres is a research engineer and scientist whose primary mission is to help people live longer, healthier, pain-free lives. Burres has a diverse background in...
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Dr. Romeo Brooks – How a Toxic Body Burdens the Organs and Affects the Immune System

MARCH 1, 2021 - As a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for over 32 years, Dr. Romeo Brooks has seen an overwhelming amount of unnecessary pain and suffering. As...
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Rebekah Louisa Smith – Becoming the Leader of a Business Niche Using Powerful Spiritual Techniques

Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith and the hard-working team behind her company The Film Festival Doctor, are creators of success and are committed to nurturing filmmakers in order to help them...
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